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As I promised on Spring, here is my another giveaway! Now it’s time for kpop giveaway. Finally I bought some albums for myself and my lovely followers~ So there will be one winner and will get one of these packages:

  • BTS Package

BTS — 2 Cool 4 Skool Single Album

BTS — O!RUL8,2? Mini Album

BTS — Skool Luv Affair Mini Album

BTS — Skool Luv Affair Special Edition

  • EXO Package

EXO — EXO’s First Box

EXO K — Overdose Mini Album

EXO M — Overdose Mini Album

EXO K — XOXO Album (kiss)

  • B.A.P Package 

B.A.P — B.A.P First Sensibility Album

B.A.P — Uplugged 2014 Single Album

B.A.P — Power Mini Album

B.A.P — Official Postcard Set

Read and follow the rules below, please. The Kpop Album Giveaway will end on August 20th midnight-11.59PM (GMT+8) The winner will be chosen with random.org; This giveaway is international! Anyone can join~ Good luck!!☆.。.:*・°☆

UPDATED!! Read more please ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

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(MEIPAI) 140820 Tao: playing really happily

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taeminnie who never respects his hyungs..

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"Her hair, body, waist, legs, and even the place that I can’t say."

—"Hormone War" by BTS | Trans: yasuis

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Hello! I decided (after much thought) to do a giveaway. Now this does not mean I’m by any means rich. I’m actually rather poor and am using like two weeks paycheck for this. So yeah. On to the rest. Btw sorry for the suckish edit

I’m going to be giving a total of six different things away, although there are eight options. First place will choose three, second place will choose two and third will choose one. I may also include some random stuff that I buy like at my local walmart like candy and stuff.


VIXX Eternity album
Super Junior Swing album
EXO poster
Big Bang bracelet
EXO wooden bracelet
Infinite Be Back album
Box of G Dragon post card things
Shinee Everybody album (I think this is the name. Idk I’m not really a shawol)


Must be following me. This is after all for my lovely and wonderful followers so it’s only fair.

You can reblog as much as you like and likes count as an entry. Please don’t spam your followers either.

No giveaway blogs. I’ll be checking!

Make sure you have your ask box open so I can notify you if you win.

I will ship internationally unless you live in some place like Antarctica or Mars hehe

If you do win, please respond within 48 hours or I’ll choose another winner.

Giveaway ends September 11.

Good luck!

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how to play bowling by lee taemin

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Decided to finally have a giveaway for this year. Contemplated a lot whether I should start it now since BTS’ comeback and Winner’s debut promotions are ongoing. But then I thought I had to start it already, though this giveaway will have long duration (decided to announce the winner on my birthday since I’ll be off with school obligations during that time plus we’ll have our sembreak).

Click picture to see the mechanics. Goodluck~


*Feel free to ask questions :D


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color ring // winner in inkigayo debut stage

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honestly taemin gives me a lot of hope for the future in terms of what someone wants to do with themselves

the kid is a big example of practice makes perfect

if you want something bad enough, no matter what people tell you, you keep working at it because in the end it will pay off

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suddenly a wild, semi-naked jjong appears…

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Kai tricking Taemin in their game ^^~

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Remember when….