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[20140728 Exo Meilishuo]


The MC asked who amongst Exo is most conscious of their image and likes to dress up. Luhan smiled and had an expression which was like ‘you know who it is.’ Even the audience was murmuring that it is the one who couldn’t come today. Both on stage and beneath the stage everyone was chuckling with glee. 

The MC asked: Is it Tao?

So Lay decided to be diplomatic and said, ‘actually as we are all idols, we have to take care of our images a lot. So it is not like we are vain or anything, but all of us are blahblahblah~’

Luhan interrupted: ‘Yep, it’s Huang Zitao.’


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kim yugyeom : got7’s fearless maknae

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u finally change ur hair colour and hairstyle


the feels


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140728 Onew (cr: symptoms_JK)

Onew at Gyeonggi English Village

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sneak peek from 50 shades of gray!!

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SHINee's conversations will forever entertain me

Onew: Do you think Yoogeun will remember us later?
Jonghyun: Of course! If he sees this time capsule, there’s no way he won’t remember.
Taemin: I don’t remember anything from when I was that young.
Jonghyun: I remember everything! I came out of my mom talking.
Key: Ah~ That’s really annoying.
Jonghyun: I told the doctor not to touch me. ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Mom, give me clothes!’ ‘It’s too embarrassing to be here!’
Onew: Ya~ There are two wild horses running over there. (referring to Minho and Yoogeun)
.... LOL ...

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I can only wonder what was going through his mind.

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Long preparation for 2-second Galaxy performance.

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Shit Kris says

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Say the words ♬

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140724 BIGBANG at Hong Kong Newspaper 

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140727 - Changsha welcoming their Changsha Prince home

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2008 Story Of Men - N/A

2009 Nineteen

2010 71: Into the Fire

2011 Iris: The Movie

2013 The Commitment

2014 Tazza 2

Do not remove caption, repost, use without permission.

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